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Dr. Gregorio Garmendia - Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez


During the duration of the confinement due to the coronavirus, we continue attending to our patients by phone and video call. The telephone number to make any inquiries and to make an online or telephone appointment is 943 50 20 49.

Urology, a developed speciality

Urology is a medical-surgical specialty that has presented a wide development during the last years in relation with:


· An increasing incidence of different pathologies very much linked to the raise of life expectancy and associated to an improvement of quality of the same.


· A strong technological development which has enabled the onset of new pharmacological and surgical treatments providing the treatment of dysfunctions inaccessible up to now and improving the results of some previously being treated.

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You can request your appointment and we will confirm it as soon as possible.

Why choose us?

Because of our wide and guaranteed experience, the most innovative facilities and because we work with the best and ultimate technology

Minimally invasive surgery

We bet for minimally invasive surgery urologic techniques, such as Da Vinci surgical robot and the Green Laser, which enable to ostensibly improve the results as well as to reduce risks and the postoperative period

Reference centre

We are located at Policlínica Gipuzkoa, the first private sanitary centre of the territory, with the most advance facilities and vital and cosy spaces. The sanitary centre is connected with the city and the surrounding municipalities by different bus lines


OUR commitment

El compromiso con nuestros pacientes se refleja durante todo el proceso. Desde la primera consulta que realiza el paciente hasta que el mismo se ha recuperado después del tratamiento.
  • To a preferential attention in our medical practice and urgent if required.
  • To a surgical agenda adjusted to the urgency of the disease and to the preferences of the patient.
  • To proceed to the treatment of the patient only with the appropriate technological resources. In the event the same resources are not available in our premises, they will be applied for. Should it not be possible to obtain them, the patient will be informed of the most suitable place according to us to redirect him/her if he/she considers so.
  • To provide full and detailed information the patient may require. Additionally, a detailed report with the analytical and radiological studies carried out will be offered to those to apply them.