Urologic oncology

Holds a preferential place on daily practice. Urologic tumours, especially, prostate cancer, are very frequent and can be approached from many different perspectives.

Surgery occupies a predominant position. Apart from the open or traditional technique, during the last years the development of laparoscopic surgery and, subsequently, of robotic surgery must be added.

  • Prostate cancer: Radical surgical approach through Da Vinci radical prostatectomy. Wide experience with satisfactory results. See attached section.
  • Kidney cancer: Comprehensive surgical approach via traditional surgery such as laparoscopy. Also to be mentioned the approach of small renal masses which enables to carry out the Da Vinci partial robotic nephrectomy with excellent oncologic results and to keep the damaged kidney.
  • Bladder cancer: Superficial bladder tumours are removed by an endoscopic transurethral resection. Radical cystectomy approach in those tumours which appear to be infiltrative.