What we do

Our main target is to undertake the treatment for the urologic pathology holistically through our performance and with the collaboration of the rest of specialists.


We find this last point essential as many of the pathologies will need a multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic approach.


As for example, joint approach with Gynaecology of the pelvic floor dysfunctions, psychological support of the erectile dysfunction or oncologic pathology, or also joint surgery with General Surgery or Vascular Surgery for the approach to the great abdominal surgery.


All of this sustained on an innovation support of technological tools which require constant updating , which the Management of the Centre is constantly taking care of.

And all of this supported by scientific evidence, that is, national and international Clinical Guidelines, Protocoles… which support medical procedure and which are inexcusable at all times.

Finally, all previously mentioned would have no sense if we forgot key factors on the doctor-patient relationship such as closeness to patients, detailed information, constant support, availability of examinations and reports…